Hampton bay fans

Here at Hampton bay company we are proud to look back on our years of experience in the development, production and distribution of ceiling fans by specialist dealers.

Some of our models, have become a classic over the years. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers speak a clear language. This advancement of experience constantly flows into newly developed models.

Not every ceiling fan is suitable for every application. If you have special requirements for your ceiling ventilator and Hampton bay fans will be happy to assist you in selecting the right product and solving your specific problem.

Hampton bay fans are available in different versions. Depending on the size of the room, the size of the fan must be adjusted. The larger the fan, the slower it can rotate for the same amount of air being conveyed. The smaller the fan, the faster it rotates.

The number of blades determines the air power of a hampton bay fan. However, the profile of the wings is also important. A fan blade, which is optimally shaped, ie turned into itself, conveys more air than a smooth wing. To compensate for this, we at Hampton bay fans have equipped all our decorative hampton bay fans with different number of wooden wings. This guarantees more rest. The angle of attack of the wings is optimized for engine performance.

For example, hampton bay fans (with the same diameter) with 3 wings can have more than twice the air volume and the triple range as a ceiling fan with 5 wings.

Be careful: all the factors mentioned must be coordinated. It is not enough to increase the angle of attack of the wings as desired. The profile of the wing gains enormously in importance as the angle of attack increases. Because a wing that is not or badly shaped produces primarily one thing: an enormously strong noise!

Client at Hampton bay fans often face difficulties while installing, maintaining or repairing their fans. Often the problem is not as big as it looks to them. It can be fixed immediately only by putting some small effort into it. Hampton bay fans provides you with the most frequent troubleshooting problems for hampton bay fans that our client have and of course with the solution of such problems.

  1. How do I find the right size for my hampton bay fan?

In order to find the suitable ceiling ventilator you should consider not only the color and shape of the unit. Decisive for the maximum performance is the appropriate size in relation to the space by which it should be used.

  1. Why does my hampton bay fans make noise during use?

A ceiling fan works almost noiselessly, but a quiet motor tot is normal. No sound is heard when the mounting is correct.

  1. Why is my hampton bay ceiling fan not working?

This may be due to the following reasons for your hampton bay fans:

  • Make sure that the summer / winter switch is locked in one position or another.
  • Check all connections on the device for their correct polarity as well as a fixed connection.
  • Check the connection to the current line. Caution: make sure that the main switch is switched off!
  1. Why does the light not work?

If the light does not work, this may have several reasons

  • Before checking the unit, turn off the power supply.
  • Check the lamp. Is the filament defective or the glass destroyed?
  • Is the connection correct? Check the connection according to the operating instructions.
  • Are all connections fixed and without bridging?
  1. Why does the hampton bay fans remote control not work after installation?
  • Is the switch turned on?
  • Do you have the pull switches for light as well as speed on the device at the highest level?
  • If you are using a radio frequency remote control, set the code switches on the power supply as well as on the device to the same position.
  • Are the batteries charged in the remote control?